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Hybrid Contact Lenses – All You Need to Know

Hybrid contact lenses are great for most patients with corneal astigmatism. There are many types of Hybrids available, including Multifocals. The special characteristics of a hybrid contact lens are that they have the rigid gas permeable lens (GP) to correct the astigmatism, but it is surrounded by a skirt of a soft lens. This provides the clear vision of a GP lens, along with the comfort of a soft contact lens!


You may ask, “Am I a good candidate for a hybrid lens?” The patients with the best success with hybrid lenses are:

  • Patients with regular corneal astigmatism.
  • Patients complaining of contact lens movement with soft toric contact lenses.
  • Patients who want the quality of vision from a GP lens, but worried about the feel.
  • Patients with presbyopia and astigmatism.
  • Multifocal patients who currently wear soft contact lenses who want better vision.
  • Patients with an irregular cornea who are interested in other lens options.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Hybrid Contact Lenses


  1. Hybrid contacts are great for people with astigmatism.
  2. They offer clear, crisp, great vision, most often the same as wearing glasses.
  3. With the soft lens skirt, you have the comfort of a soft lens.
  4. Patients have the freedom from wearing glasses.
  5. The cost is on par with regular soft multifocal and GP multifocal contact lenses.


  1. Hybrids are not for lenticular astigmatism.
  2. If a diagnostic fitting is required, this takes more time and the price will be higher than a regular contact lens fitting.
  3. Hybrid lenses require some training and education for correct use. The insertion, removal and care of the contact lens is different. If a patient is not agreeable to learn these new techniques, hybrid lenses may not be the best choice.
  4. Even if the lens fit is perfect, there is a possibility of the hybrid lens flattening the cornea over time.

Contact us today to see if you are a candidate for hybrid lenses!