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Eye Drops to Treat Dry Eye in Washington, DC

Which eye drops for dry eye are best for you?

Dry eye syndrome is a common problem nowadays. Besides yourself, you probably know others who suffer from similar irritating symptoms due to dry eye. Yet, even if everyone shares the same symptoms – it doesn’t mean that their dry eyes share the same cause or will be helped by the same eye drops and dry eye treatment. Dry eye syndrome can result from aging, the side effects of medication, specific systemic diseases, lifestyle habits, and the environment.

If you experience dry eye in Washington, DC, our eye doctors are experienced and knowledgeable about effective ways to alleviate your pain to restore comfortable vision. Depending upon the results of your comprehensive eye exam, we will customize your dry eye treatment to address your unique condition.

In general, the frontline defense against dry eye irritation is eye drops. A variety of types of eye drops are available, including over-the-counter versions and prescription eye drops. Which eye drops are right for you? Let’s look together at your options.

OTC Eye Drops / Non-Prescription Artificial Tears

You’ll find many brands of OTC eye drops on the drugstore shelves. They are the most common dry eye treatment and can provide temporary symptomatic relief. Be forewarned though that it may take some trial and error before you pinpoint the brand that works best for you.

Most non-prescription eye drops contain substances that help preserve moisture on the surface of your eye. Yet the ingredients vary, and some of these eye drops contain preservatives, while others are preservative-free. What’s the problem with preservatives? Many people find that they sting and irritate eyes. If you try a certain brand of eye drops for your dry eye in Washington, DC, and it causes stinging – don’t give up! Try a preservative-free version instead.

Also, our Washington, DC, optometrists caution against buying eye drops that only remove redness from your eyes, as they are not designed to treat dry eye. In addition, if you suffer from glaucoma or another eye disease, it is critical to check with your eye doctor before inserting any OTC eye drops. In general, when choosing artificial tears, we advise you to consult with your eye doctor to recommend the most suitable type.

Prescription Eye Drops

If you start treating your dry eye syndrome with artificial tears, yet find that you need to apply eye drops constantly, you may have a severe case of dry eye that requires prescription treatment. Prescription eye drops work different from OTC types, and they help to treat the underlying causes – in addition to relieving the annoying, painful symptoms.

  • Restasis is one of the most popular medicines prescribed for dry eye. These eye drops work by reducing inflammation and helping to enhance tear production. Restasis is a cyclosporine eye drop recommended for long-term use. It is associated with some undesirable side effects.
  • Xiidra eye drops are another common dry eye treatment. This drug can heal your eyes from the damage of dry eye syndrome and protect your eyes from developing the painful symptoms.

Do You Have Dry Eye? Ask Your Washington, DC, Eye Doctor for Help!

To figure out which eye drop will remove your painful vision most effectively, self-medication isn’t your smartest move. A better plan is to schedule a thorough eye exam with our expert eye care professionals. We’ll assess your personal situation to recommend the best eye drops and other forms of dry eye treatment.

For more information about OTC and prescription eye drops, and to find out if which medicine is most appropriate for your dry eye in Washington, DC, we invite you to book a consultation today. We are your leading local site for sore eyes.