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Consider a Second Pair of Glasses


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One pair of glasses can’t do it all! That’s the main reason why it’s smart to invest in a second pair of eyeglasses. Do you put on the same pair of shoes for jogging, dancing at a wedding, or attending a business meeting? If you are like most people, you switch your footwear to match the occasion and function. Why not do the same with your Washington, DC, eyeglasses?

Just like you need suitable shoes to support your style and body, you need eyewear to optimize your visual performance, as well as give you a great look! Here are some reasons why everyone can benefit from a second pair of glasses:

  1. Accidents Happen

Even the best eyeglasses can break. When this happens, you don’t want to be left driving or going to work with blurry vision. Store a second pair of glasses in your desk or bag, so you can always access them in case of emergency.

  1. Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

If you are always looking at a computer screen (or other digital device), specialized computer glasses can prevent digital eyestrain. These eyeglasses will give you a crisper view of the screen, reduce irritating glare, and protect your eyes from dangerous blue light emitted by all digital tech.

  1. Reading Fine Print

Most people over 40 develop presbyopia. This vision condition means your distance vision is fine, but it can be hard to focus on objects and small details up close. Therefore, you will need different prescription lenses to match different activities. While bifocal glasses or progressive lenses may be helpful, they have limitations – because they don’t target a particular distance. In contrast, putting on a pair of readers can provide you with sharper vision for seeing small print, such as on your smartphone or a restaurant menu.

  1. Driving into the Sun

Even the most beautiful sunset shines hazardous ultraviolet rays into your eyes, and wearing photochromic glasses won’t help when you are behind the windshield. That’s because the windows of your car block UV rays, so your Transitions lenses won’t darken. Instead, keep a pair of prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses handy for when you are in the car.

  1. Playing Sports

The right type of sports glasses can give you an edge on your performance and protect your eyes against injury. Keep a second pair of glasses with tinted lenses to enhance outdoor vision on the tennis court or gold course, and/or choose impact resistant lenses for any contact sports or rough activities. Tell us what you play, and we will guide you towards the ideal Washington, DC, eyeglasses to enhance your game.

  1. Coordinate with Your Outfit

During workdays at the office, you may choose to complement your clothing with a pair of understated, conservative frames. However, after hours you can change into a pair of fun, colorful glasses to accessorize your evening wardrobe!

Our Washington, DC, eyeglasses collection has an amazing variety of stylish eyewear to meet your needs. Ask our eye doctors about all the second pair options available to you!


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