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Dr Rosenblatt has been my eye doctor for many years and worked with me to get my proper correction for nearsightedness. My extra-sensitive system was previously over-corrected and his prescriptions enabled my vision to be more relaxed and stabilize. The glasses are high quality and good fit. I’m especially fond of the nearly weightless frames and lenses.
10 months ago
- Karen M.
I’ve been a customer and patient at Washington Eye Doctors for about a year and a half. Overall it’s been great. The front desk staff are pleasant. Dr. Rosen later is knowledgeable, kind and takes time to answer questions and explain things in layman’s terms. I think perhaps one of their frame and lens specialists might need more training on listening to the customer and clearly understanding my needs before recommending something that doesn’t work (i.e. fit me properly). But the other two I’ve worked with have been excellent.
10 months ago
- Jacques M.
Very health & safety conscious during the pandemic. Highly professional and friendly.
10 months ago
- David L.
Washington Eye Doctors is a professional and friendly environment. They took many precautions to ensure patient and staff safety from COVID-19. Dr. Rosenblatt has been my doctor for many years. He always answers my questions and provides friendly service.
11 months ago
- Mike R.
Thank you very much, I appreciate your good attention and how quickly you attended to my daughter, it is a relief that I am not close to her but there are places like yours.
1 year ago
- Imelda M.
Dr. Michael Rosenblatt has been my eyecare provider for over 20 years and I have received consistetly excellent service from him. He is very knowledgeable and follows up closely on all my eye health issues including through his office's optical services. It is very easy to make appointments with his excellent staff.
1 year ago
- Robin K.
I LOVE Dr. Rosenblatt and have been seeing him for 14 yrs, so this does not reflect my experience with him or the team that supports with various testing before meeting with him. My feedback is for the team who schedules appointments. I was frustrated this time because I scheduled my appointment in advance, specifically noting that I wanted to see Dr. Rosenblatt. I shouldn’t really have to note this, since I’ve been seeing the same person for 14 years, but I still made it clear. I received appointment confirmation and saw that I was scheduled to see a different person, which was a shock to me. Why would I not have been told about this? I called to reschedule and was told I wouldn’t be able to see my doctor for THREE MONTHS. I couldn’t believe that their mistake was going to lead to me not having an appointment for months. I absolutely understand that Dr. Rosenblatt is booked and was the only doctor for months, but the mistake was not made by me and it was frustrating that I would be penalized for it. Thankfully the person I spoke to on the day of was able to squeeze me in same-day and I have a wonderful experience from there. I just ask going forward that the individuals responsible for appointments are more careful and transparent, recognizing that a change in appointment due to challenges like these might result in a very long wait that won’t be met with positive reactions from their clients.
1 year ago
- Tara S.