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At Washington Eye Doctors, our core mission is based on a demanding standard of excellence.

Quite simply:
Through exceptional quality, service and knowledge our goal at Washington Eye Doctors is for each and every patient to:

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Q&A with Dr. Rosenblatt

Dr. Michael Rosenblatt Answers Your Eye Care Questions

Why did they change the name from Dry Eye Disease to Ocular Surface Disease?

We are seeing it’s not just a tearing issue per se, but patients have problems with the surface of the eye as well. We added the word disease because we wanted the public to think more seriously about this condition.

We wanted to move away from the term “dry eye” because patients would come in and have a tissue constantly in their hands to wipe their eyes due to excessive tearing and so when we say to them that they have dry eye, it doesn’t make sense to them.

HP QnA screenshot may 2017Have you heard the term myopia or myopia control and did not know what that meant? Dr. Rosenblatt from Washington Eye Doctors has focused his professional career on myopia control in the Washington DC area. Watch this animated video to learn more.

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