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At Washington Eye Doctors, our core mission is based on a demanding standard of excellence.

Quite simply:
Through exceptional quality, service and knowledge our goal at Washington Eye Doctors is for each and every patient to:

“Love What They See!”

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Myopia Control

Have you heard the term myopia or myopia control and did not know what that meant?

Dr. Rosenblatt from Washington Eye Doctors has focused his professional career on myopia control in the Washington DC area.

Watch this animated video to learn more.

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Eye Emergencies

  • Sore, red, or itchy eyes
  • Treatment of “pink eye” and other bacterial infections
  • Removal of foreign bodies from the eye (such as wood or metal)
  • Treatment of eye allergies or burns
  • Emergency eye care
  • Eye infections
  • Foreign materials stuck in the eyes
  • Eye trauma
  • Scratched eyes
  • Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • Lost or broken contact lenses or eyeglasses
  • Flashes of light in the vision
  • “Floaters” in the vision
  • Red or painful eyes
  • Dislodged contact lenses
  • Uncomfortable, itchy, or irritated eye
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Q&A with Dr. Rosenblatt

Dr. Michael Rosenblatt Answers Your Eye Care Questions

What are some of the methods you use for myopia control?

First we have diluted atropine drops, second is a specially designed rigid contact lens which is only worn at night which offers perfect vision during the day without glasses or contacts, and then third option is soft multi-focal lenses which are to be worn during the day. Any and all of these methods can be used alone, or together, and in conjunction with certain types of glasses, to help slow the rate of change – the further lengthening of the eye.

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