Your Independently Owned Eye Care Practice

Washington Eye Doctors is family-owned and operated — which means we believe you deserve the best, and we’re not afraid do the work to make sure you get it. Exceptional eye care starts with individualized treatments and ends with you loving what you see!  

Waiting area at Washington Eye Doctors optician area

Our Family is Dedicated to Serving Your Family

Since 1948, our team at Washington Eye Doctors has been committed to caring for the eyes of our communities, whether at our downtown Washington, D.C., office or our convenient suburban locations in Chevy Chase, MD, or Arlington, VA. We want you to feel like you’re visiting members of your own family when you come to us, and you can trust us to treat you — and your eyes — with the respect and attention you deserve.

Personal Care from Our Providers

When it comes down to it, we’re not only caregivers: we’re people-pleasers . We don’t just want to know your vision prescription , we want to know about you, your family, how work is going for you, and how you’re planning on spending your weekend. After we learn about your eyes and lifestyle, we’ll take what we’ve learned into your thorough eye exam and apply it to tailored treatments and custom eyewear .

Washington Eye Doctors personal care

Why Choose Washington Eye Doctors?

Being an independent, family-owned practice gives us the space we need to uphold our own exceedingly high standards of care. This compassionate team believes in providing you with exclusively the best in eye care — and below, you can see some of the ways we’ve committed to this mission. 

Washington eye doctors advanced technology

Advanced Technology

Our offices use an Advanced Diagnostic Imaging suite and state-of-the-art treatments because we value making our care as comfortable, and effective, as possible. Our range of testing equipment gives us a precise view of your eye and its current health, so we can act on current and potential issues alike with personalized solutions.

Selection of frames and lenses

Our Customized and Curated Eyewear

We offer a large selection of frames and lenses so everyone can find eyewear that matches their fashion-sense, lifestyle, and of course visual needs. We utilize an in-house finishing lab, which ensures your lenses have the prescription and finishing you want — and that you never wait long to love how you look and see! 

Experienced Washington eye doctors

Our Incredible Doctors

Our caring doctors are experienced with eyes of all ages, and people of all walks of life. We love getting to know you and all of your family, bringing the human element back to eye care so you can rest easy that your doctor knows you and is treating your eyes. If we’re doing our job right, visiting us should feel a bit like coming home.

Multiple Convenient Locations to Serve You & Your Family

Our multiple locations make incredible independent eye care always accessible. No matter if you stop by our downtown Washington, D.C., office or want to bring the whole family to our suburban locations in Chevy Chase, MD, and Arlington, VA, we are here to exceed expectations.