Myopia Control in Washington D.C. and Chevy Chase, MD

At Washington Eye Doctors, our team of skilled and compassionate doctors have myopia management programs to protect your child’s eyes for years to come, so they can love what they see.

Myopia Management & Control at Washington Eye Doctors

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a refractive error of the eyes which results in a misshapen cornea that affects the ability to see far-away objects with clarity. Myopia is often diagnosed in children through comprehensive eye exams, which we perform at our offices. While eyeglasses can correct vision, they do not solve the root of the problem or slow its progression.

With our myopia management program, we’re able to improve the quality of life of your child for years to come, as well as take preventative care against the risk of eye diseases associated with myopia in the future. The initial program typically runs over a 24-month period, where we regularly evaluate their progress to ensure optimal outcomes. We also offer in-house financing options: this program is important, and we want it to be as accessible as possible!

What is Myopia Management?

The methods and techniques vary, but ultimately all forms of myopia management work to correct the cornea’s shape to provide better clarity. Because these programs are best utilized when the eye is still growing, children diagnosed with myopia benefit from them the most.

Some symptoms your child may display that indicate myopia include:

  • Squinting
  • Lack of interest in sports and other activities involving near vision
  • Headaches
  • Rubbing their eyes

With an effective myopia management program, some of the benefits include:

  • Increased quality of life, especially as it relates to school
  • Lower risk of eye diseases later in life
  • Lessened reliance upon glasses and contact lenses
  • Corrected vision without additional eyewear
Kid putting on contacts

Why Choose Washington Eye Doctors for 
Myopia Management?

At Washington Eye Doctors, we have comprehensive programs for myopia control, and as an entirely independent practice, we aren’t limited by corporate red tape when it comes to patient care. Our team loves working with children and will ensure their entire experience is as comfortable as possible. We’ll get to know your child, customize a program specifically for them, and then monitor their eyes as they get older so we can correct any issues along the way and ensure their myopia is kept at bay!

Treatment Options to Slow the Progression of Myopia

We have a wide range of effective solutions and treatment options with our myopia management programs, and all are completely customizable to ensure your family can love what they see!

Kid putting on multifocal contacts

Multifocal Contacts

Multifocal contact lenses are commonly prescribed to older patients, but they’re effective in controlling myopia in children as well. Not only do they allow your child to see clearly, they also simultaneously work to slow the progression of myopia. With multifocal contacts, your child will receive contact lenses with two prescription powers that make it easier for the eye to focus, preventing the corneal-lengthening strain that causes the progression of myopia.

Kid smiling with OrthoK


Ortho-K lenses are worn overnight and gently reshape the eye’s cornea while your child sleeps. With consistent use over time, Ortho-K causes the eyeball to maintain its corrected shape for longer, slowing the progression of myopia. These lenses are effective for a variety of patient cases, and depending upon the level of myopia and length of use, they can help reduce your child’s reliance on eyeglasses.

Kid applying atropine eye drops

Atropine Eye Drops

Atropine eye drops are commonly used to dilate the eye, reduce eye strain, and alleviate what is known as “focus fatigue.” These drops relax your child’s eyes, so they don’t have to work as hard to focus. Our team at Washington Eye Doctors have the experience and knowledge to accurately identify the correct dosage and type of drops for your child to give them the most effective treatment.

Our Patients Trust Us & Love What They See

Joseph AtchuloJoseph Atchulo
23:48 27 Jan 22
The best Eye Care Center in Washington DC. Visit them for an awesome experience.
Jim LiuJim Liu
18:39 30 Nov 21
I visited Washington Eye Doctors for my dry eyes. Dr. Rosenblatt is awesome, he is very respectful and professional. Zero pressure when you talk to him. After the treatments, I feel absolutely better. Eye dryness is painful, and someone says it's more like a disability than a disorder. I can't agree more. Before I get the treatments, I can't even sit down and type these words for like 15 mins. Now I am not 100% recovered but at least I could work and study like a normal person. I am still using prescribed medications and I am confident that this problem is treatable. If you have dry eyes, try to contact Dr. Roosenblatt is the best advice I could give.
Mary Virginia SpencerMary Virginia Spencer
18:12 14 May 21
I had the best experience here! In a crunch, they were more than happy to help me get new contacts and were incredibly helpful and kind. Definitely will be going back!!
Stephanie AylwardStephanie Aylward
14:14 30 Apr 21
A group of kind, friendly human beings. I was visiting Washington, D.C. from out of town, ran into a bind, and this practice was able to help me so that I could drive back home. I am so thankful for their help.
Amanda BlakeAmanda Blake
17:58 29 Apr 21
The absolute best choice for dry eye! I had been suffering for years, and now my eyes are drastically better after only three months of proper treatment. Dr. Abraham is excellent. He explains things very clearly and listens to concerns with compassion. I really appreciate his help and cannot recommend Washington Eye Doctors highly enough, especially for dry eye patients.

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