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All About Ortho-k in Washington DC

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Your Orthokeratology Specialists, in Washington, DC

Ortho-k is a modern, safe and effective way to have crisp vision without putting on any eyeglasses or daytime contact lenses. No surgery is involved, and even people who have worn eyewear for years to correct nearsightedness can benefit from orthokeratology.

Imagine leaving your house in the morning and seeing all the fine details of the world around you – without inserting contact lenses or wearing eyeglasses. If you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary method of vision shaping, schedule an appointment at Washington Eye Doctors.

How does ortho-k work?

Rigid gas permeable lenses designed especially for orthok are inserted before bedtime. As you sleep, these specialized lenses will flatten and gently mold your cornea. This reshaping process corrects any refractive error. Upon awakening, your myopia (nearsightedness) will be temporarily resolved. The effects of orthokeratology typically last only a few days at time, which is why the lenses must be worn nightly. Most patients notice results almost immediately, yet the complete effects on vision are usually apparent after a few weeks.

Who can benefit from ortho-k?

Vision shaping is usually appropriate for anyone with mild to moderate nearsightedness and healthy eyes. Age makes no difference, and ortho-k has shown great effectiveness in controlling myopia in kids. A number of scientific studies show that over 65% of patients with ortho-k lenses reached 20/20 vision with this method.

In particular, active individuals and sports players appreciate the benefits of ortho-k, as it eliminates bothersome eyewear. People who spend a lot of time in dry, dusty or windy environments also enjoy the comfort of ortho-k versus standard contact lenses. In general, everyone loves the convenience of sharp eyesight without eyewear.

Ortho-k Fittings in Washington, DC

At Washington Eye Doctors, we fit many patients expertly with orthok lenses. We bring years of  professional experience and first-rate skill to your eye exam and orthokeratology fitting. At present, two types of ortho-k lenses are available and approved for use: Vision Shaping Treatment (VST), by Bausch & Lomb, and Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), by Paragon Vision Sciences. To see if ortho-k is right for you and your vision condition, contact us for a consultation in our Washington clinic, serving the White House area.

Ortho-k fittings are more complicated than with standard contacts, and a series of eye checks are usually needed. We’ll provide you with a variety of lenses to try, until the perfect fit is found. The expense and time investment is generally greater, but our patients report that it’s in proportion with the improvement to their quality of life!

Does ortho-k hurt?

Vision shaping with orthok is safe, reversible and painless. Modern materials and advanced technology have gotten rid of the uncomfortable symptoms caused by old-fashioned hard lenses. In addition, orthokeratology lenses are only worn while sleeping – so you won’t feel a thing!

Regarding side effects, at the beginning you may see halos or glare around lights, but this will disappear quickly.

What if I change my mind after trying ortho-k?

No problem. The process is completely reversible and the original shape of your cornea will be restored naturally within a few months. At that point, if you want to have LASIK or another refractive procedure, it’s fine – just notify your surgeon about when you stopped wearing ortho-k.

Please visit us in our Washington, DC, office to discuss your candidacy for ortho-k!

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Unlike glasses or regular contact lenses, the goal of myopia management is to slow or even halt the progression of myopia entirely.