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Prescription Eyeglasses

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Clear Vision Starts with an Eye Exam

We want you to enjoy looking at a clear view of the world – and love the way you look! That is why we offer precise eye exams and a fabulous selection of designer eyeglasses in our Washington, DC, optical store.

An Accurate Vision Prescription Comes First

Before you choose a pair of frames from our stylish optical collection, you need to be sure that your vision prescription is accurate. Our Washington eye doctor will perform a precise eye exam to evaluate your visual acuity and eye health thoroughly before issuing a prescription. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or need multifocal lenses for presbyopia, we will give you a detailed vision prescription for your new eyeglasses after your eye exam.

Eyeglasses to Match Your Vision

Now it is time to select your new eyewear, but the choices can be overwhelming. With so many trendy and attractive pairs of designer frames, many people get confused and don’t know where to begin. At Washington Eye Doctors, we will not abandon you once you have your vision prescription! Because not all frames can support every vision prescription, our optical staff will guide you towards the best eyeglasses in Washington to support your vision.

Eyeglasses to Match Your Style

Glasses must complement the shape of your face, eye color, skin tone, and personal fashion taste. What message do you want to reflect to the world? Do you want to express your intellectual side or make an innovative, artsy statement? Tell us about yourself and we’ll point out the best frames for you to try. We feature every style in our collection of eyeglasses in Washington.

Prescription Lenses Options

Once you select your preferred pair of eyeglasses, we will review the optional features, lens coatings, and treatments available. The right lenses for your life will upgrade your sight and your appearance. If you don’t want to carry around a separate pair of reading glasses, bifocals give you multiple fields of vision, or you can opt for progressive lenses that eliminate the bisecting line.

We offer anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings, thin and lightweight high-index lenses, UV coating, and advanced aspheric lenses – all of which have unique benefits. If you are constantly switching between indoors and outdoors, ask us about photochromic Transitions Lenses, which darken in reaction to light. Other features include shatter-resistant and impact-resistant lenses, which are a great choice for active kids.

You can depend upon our optometrists to give you all that you need for sharp and stylish sight. Stop by anytime to look through our fashionable display of top quality eyeglasses in Washington, or call in advance to book your eye exam.