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EnChroma color blindness glasses can have a profound impact on how people see their world.

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EnChroma Tints in Washington, DC

EnChroma tints can explode your view of the world with vivid color. If you are color blind, these lenses can add dramatic, vibrant hues to everything you see.

At Washington Eye Doctors, we are excited to be the first optical store in Washington, D.C. to offer these revolutionary color blind glasses.

The best way to find out if EnChroma glasses can help is to see for yourself!

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How do EnChroma tints work?

A basic understanding of how we process color vision is helpful to understand the technology behind EnChroma optics.

Normally, you see color when white light (which encompasses all the colors of the rainbow) enters your eye and activates the photopigments in the photoreceptors of your retina. Normally, people have three types of photoreceptors that are sensitive to different parts of the visible light spectrum: red, green, and blue.

However, when the eye’s sensitivities to green and red overlap (this is the most common type of problem), color blindness results and the person will not be able to distinguish clearly between different hues. In fact, the amount of color shades that a person with color blindness can see may be decreased by as much as 90%.

EnChroma tints can correct the overlap of color sensitivities. These advanced optics filter out wavelengths of light at the exact point of overlap, thereby creating a more accurate ratio of the colors of light that enter your eye.

In practice, when a person with color blindness puts on a pair of glasses with EnChroma tints, they perceive more colors with more precision. In our Washington, D.C. optometry office, we’re always delighted to see the life-altering effects that EnChroma glasses have on our patients!


Not only the glasses work letting me see colors and differences I had never seen before, but they also look classy and cool. After one day I am already looking into buying indoor glasses so that I can wear them all the time.

-Angel A.
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Are there different types of frames and lenses with EnChroma tints?

To optimize your vision in diverse lighting conditions, EnChroma color blind glasses are available with Outdoor and Indoor lenses. Bright sunlight packs in the most powerful color impact, so we recommend the Outdoor Glasses to experience ultimate color when you are outside. The Indoor Glasses are ideal for dimmer lighting conditions, such as when you’re cooking or watching TV.

As for the frames, all EnChroma tints are fit into modern, versatile eyeglasses frames. At Washington Eye Doctors, our collection includes color blind glasses for adults and kids in all styles, from classic to sporty. You’ll enjoy the durable and lightweight frame designs.

Color blindness is a category that includes a range of vision conditions that can cause individuals to see color differently. Not every case is the same. EnChroma tints are designed specially to enhance color vision for people with various types of anomalous trichromacy (red-green color blindness), which makes up about four out of five cases.

The majority of cases, therefore, respond well to EnChroma’s optic technology. To determine if you are a good candidate for success with EnChroma, our Washington, D.C. eye doctor will perform a thorough eye exam to diagnose your precise type of color blindness.

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Is there anything else to know about EnChroma tints?

Additional features of these color blind glasses include 100% UVA and UVB protection, superior impact resistance that exceeds FDA standards by more than 50%, and lenses crafted from Trivex®, a premium optical-grade resin. All EnChroma lenses are also anti-reflective on both sides, which gives you maximum visual clarity, and they are oleophobic and hydrophobic, repelling dust, water, and sweat – and making them super-easy to keep clean.

Ready to see all the glorious hues of Washington, D.C.? Visit Washington Eye Doctors to color your world with EnChroma tints.

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