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Things to Consider When Choosing a Washington, DC, Optometrist

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Washington, DC, Optometrist

To make the most of your vision care, you need much more than someone to sell you eyeglasses and contact lenses. You need a qualified and caring eye care professional who will examine, monitor, manage and treat your eye health and vision. This is the only way to optimize the lifelong benefits of quality eyesight.

When choosing an eye doctor in Washington, DC, you need to find a top optometry practice that will satisfy all of your ocular health and vision requirements. To help you make an informed decision, here are the top five points to consider:

  1. Your Eye & Vision Care Needs

Do you require basic, primary care – such as visual acuity testing, eyeglasses and contact lenses? Perhaps you require advanced eye care services for ocular disease? It’s important to be aware of your general needs before selecting a specific Washington, DC, optometrist. A wide range of optometric technology is available and many eye doctors specialize in particular conditions. You should verify that your eye doctor’s office has the best technology for your personal condition.

2. Specialized Eye Care Credentials or Training

Every optometry practice should hang diplomas, licenses and training credentials prominently in the office or waiting room of their clinic. Take a moment to read these documents to confirm that your eye doctor in Washington, DC, is indeed qualified as a specialist in treating your ocular condition.

3. Availability & Accessibility

Convenience is just as critical as quality when it comes to eye care. Your Washington, DC, optometrist must be easy to reach – no matter what you require. Whether you need a comprehensive eye exam, a basic vision test, or the latest treatment for ocular disease, the optometry office should have plenty of convenient hours and be located well. Be sure to ask about how to reach the eye doctor in case of emergency.

4. Professional Experience & Reputation

Your ideal eye care provider will be knowledgeable, experienced and be known to have a friendly, compassionate bedside manner! You will also benefit from an office staff who knows how to help you schedule the right appointments, as well as explain your vision insurance or medical health insurance policy. In addition, opticians with years of experience will be able to help you select eyeglasses to meet your visual needs and flatter your appearance.

5. Extensive Eyewear Collection

Eyeglasses and contact lenses must be durable, stylish and provide you with a good fit for your vision prescription and lifestyle. A wide selection of eyewear is currently available; there’s no reason to compromise on quality or fashion. Many optional features and lens coatings are also possible for eyeglasses, and contact lenses come in a large range of specialty types for hard-to-fit vision conditions. Check that the optical collection keeps a full stock of contemporary frames and premium contacts for all members of your family!

When you visit our eye doctor in Washington, DC, you’ll see for yourself (as clearly as 20/20 vision!) that we value our patients and provide a full range of first-rate eye care services.

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